Release notes page for snapcraft still maintained?

Seems the release note page is lagging quite a lot behind. The latest it seems to know about is 7.3, while my local installation has 7.5.3 and current builds get 8.0.3 (which seems to break with a python related issue). Wonder what the difference is, but well … where are the release notes?

Seems you can find the release notes from GitHub. Web page should just link there, one less page to maintain?


Anyone happen to have a handy link to download the snapcraft 7.5.4 x64 binary?

This is how you can get the latest from 7.x/stable releases:

curl -L $(curl --silent -H 'X-Ubuntu-Series: 16' '' | jq '.download_url' -r) --output snapcraft.snap

Hi @jannekii,

Yep, you’re correct - recently we’ve been using GitHub Releases for release notes. The page you linked to had fallen behind, but I’ve updated it and will keep it updated in the future (or eventually deprecate it in favor of the GitHub Releases page).

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Reach out to the admin of this.