Registering organization snaps for publishing

Hey everyone,

I just saw that it’s now possible to add organization repositories to Hooray! That’s something I’ve been really waiting for! However, I ran into a problem. For our organization, we have a specific Ubuntu One account in the snap store, since this is the only way we can have an organization-specific account right now. We are using the sharing feature from to share access for our packages to the individual maintainers (and their own, individual Ubuntu One accounts). So, I’m able to add an organization repository without any problems. Although, when it comes to the step “register a snap name for publishing”, I have to sign in to Ubuntu One, which I do with my individual account the snap package is shared with via as mentioned above. However, unfortunately, the site doesn’t seem to respect the fact that the package is shared with my account and denies access with the message: “Sorry, that name is already taken”. Is there anything I’m missing here or has this not yet been fully implemented?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I think we may indeed not currently handle the case where the name has already been registered by an organization account and has been shared with you. To confirm, would you mind telling us which GitHub repository you’re building from so that we can look into the specific details?

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Hey @cjwatson, sure.
I’m trying to build lirios/platform-snap. The snap name is liri-platform0 and it has been registered with the liri store account and shared with my timsueberkrueb store account.

@cjwatson could you confirm it? Should I open a GitHub issue for this? Thanks for your help.

@noise @evan Is this something you might be able to help with?

Hi @TimSueberkrueb, can you file an issue here?


Hey @evan, of course:
Thank you.

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