Registering app name - when dev does not really want to do

Hi there…

I almost have a Restic snap done, and I was going to register the name “restic”. Now the developer does not really have any interest in maintaining this snap (at least at this time). I have been working with him and following his wishes (i.e. - using his binary build, etc). Now upon going to register the name, and reading the output where it is warning me about “Are you the person people expect to see” (which I am not) - it made me think - what is the best practice or way to approach this? This snap is (at this point) about as official as you can get (short of the dev taking over). Or is this a moot point and this will be moved over and appear as “snapcrafters” once the repo is brought into the fold? Thus resulting in… just register the name?

Thank you.

Please ignore - just caught the answers to my own questions in the README file from the forked snapcrafters repo.