Register snap name "erigon" to dwellir-snapcrafters

Would it be possible to register the snap name erigon to Dwellir AB (dwellir-snapcrafters) as we can’t seem to find any such snap in the snap-store.

Dwellir AB is a verified publisher and intend to start publishing the erigon snap as soon as possible and would ideally do this under the erigon name.

sudo snap search erigon
No matching snaps for "erigon"
sudo snap info erigon
error: no snap found for "erigon"

We have been trying to locate the current owner of the name, but haven’t been able to do so.

If this name is already active and no ownership transfer is possible, we would be helped to know this.

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The process to solve this is as follows:

Go here and enter erigon as the name. You will get the form shown below, in which you can enter a “dispute” where the store team will investigate and resolve this.


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We have filed the “dispute”

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@popey - any news from within?

I am not within, I am without.

Patience, padawan.

(I’d wait till the US Canonical people have woken up, recovered from Ubuntu release week, and had their morning coffee) :smiley:

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@verterok @lofidevops @odysseus-k can you please help on this one?

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@alexmurray No progress on this yet?


Apologize this took some long.

Will try to reach out to the current owner, as snap names are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and work out a solution.

Will let you know as soon I get a reply from them.


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@verterok I appreciate your effort, but what can we expect in terms of “waiting time” since we would be left in limbo around this question.

We are in the process of refining the snap as it is and we are kind of keen to be able to integrate it into our release pipeline, which ends up in a limbo as well.

I understand if you can’t give us a definite answer, but nevertheless something we would be really helped from.


The name is registered by the upstream, they are checking with the erigon team how to proceed. Will let you know as soon as I hear back from them, but I also pointed them to this thread in case they wan to reach out to you.


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