Refreshing to a closed channel

$ snap refresh firefox --edge
firefox (beta) 61.0b4-1 from 'mozilla' refreshed
Snap firefox is no longer tracking edge.
$ snap info firefox
  stable:    59.0.2-1 (71) 193MB -
  candidate: 60.0-2   (85) 206MB -
  beta:      61.0b4-1 (86) 202MB -
  edge:      ↑                   

A more useful message would be something like Snap firefox is tracking beta, rather than edge, because there is no edge release.
However, is this the right behaviour? What if Firefox opened the edge channel? Would I not want to track that automatically when it’s opened or is it intention that people should have to make that explicit? I suppose until it’s opened people don’t know what the purpose of that channel will be?

core 16-2.32.8 (4650)
$ snap info core
tracking:  beta
refreshed: 2018-05-11T15:51:12+01:00
installed:   16-2.32.8                (4650) 90MB core
$ snap version
snap    2.32.8
snapd   2.32.8
series  16
ubuntu  18.04
kernel  4.15.0-20-generic

that looks like a bug to me. That snap will be tracking edge. As soon as a build appears in edge, it should switch to it. In fact if you look in the output of snap info you’ll see it says tracking: edge.

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I’ll chase @mvo about this, as ec4d254498 changed just this, explicitly, because of a bug report about it not being clear.

I think now it’s clear, but also lying :slight_smile:

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