Redis Server

I can’t find on the Snapcraft store Redis server, would be very useful can ship a snap with node.js app and Redis server cache and store utility !!

I’ve found this :

But i can’t understand if it’s updated … i mean i’d install redis 5 with a simple file !!

looks like it isnt uploaded, but there is redis-noise that seems to be what you look for …

Thanks, but this snap is still at old version 3.2.3. So i’m try to build the snap with the latest and beta version … i’m checking some example and I’ve found one in nextcloud example …

But my question is … how can be possible define a redis plugin in the parts section that in my snapcraft.yaml doesn’t work as in the nextcloud :

plugin: redis
source-checksum: sha256/f3c7eac4…46abb23fcda2f933a7552ee4ed7

probably @noise could just point you to his source (or re-build the snap against a newer version) :slight_smile:

Hi, I just made a couple of quick updates to my old snapcraft.yaml so it at least seems to build and generate a basically functional snap - feel free to take that and adjust as needed:

Thanks … the only thing i miss is how i can handle the redis.conf file ??

Thanks i’m building my snapcraft.yaml based on your answer! It’s worked … but now i’m experiment with the core20 environment so i’m looking for the right line of code to write instead of ( make-install-var: PREFIX ) no longer supported in core20 ! Have you the solution ?