Re-installing package with —classic option


I installed Wekan from the Snapstore a couple of months ago, when trying to enable “webhooks” in the app, it does not work, tcpdump is not seeing anything emitted from the app.

Knowing that the Snap package for node-red needs to be installed with the —classic switch, I was wondering is this could be a similar issue.

Can I rerun securely the installation of Wekan with —classic option ?

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Note that the --classic flag is only for accepting the risk of installing a snap package that is confined with classic confinement, it does not change the confinement of an already strictly confined application.

I’m not sure when you installed node-red or if it was at one point a classic snap, but node-red is not currently a classic snap:

$ snap info node-red --verbose | grep confinement
  confinement: strict

The wekan snap is the same:

$ snap info wekan --verbose | grep confinement
  confinement: strict

Thus providing the --classic option to snap install does nothing. You can see this yourself with:

$ snap install node-red --classic
Warning: flag --classic ignored for strictly confined snap node-red

node-red 1.0.3 from Node-RED-Team (noderedteam✓) installed

As to whether or not it is safe to install the wekan snap, you should only install snaps from publishers you trust. That being said, the wekan snap is strictly confined, so it is more confined to what it can access or do on your computer than a classic snap would be (since classic snaps have effectively no confinement).

Thanks for the info! Really make sense.

Does wekan provide any debugging facilities that you could use, such as logging? Perhaps running snap logs wekan will help with the investigation.