Re-execution prerequisites on Debian


we’re having a discussion on the issue tracker of the FreeCAD snap:

The problem, in short:

  1. User installs snapd
  2. User installs core snap
  3. User expects snapd to be somewhat up-to-date due to the re-execution feature, which is enabled on Debian 11
  4. User tries to install FreeCAD, which requires snapd 2.55 → It fails because the user is still on the repo version
  5. User installs snapd via snap install snapdsnap --version now reports up-to-date snapd

My question: Shouldn’t the re-execution have happened after installing the core snap? Is it possible that the user has to restart the snapd daemon/their computer in order to trigger this re-execution? If yes, this should be added to the install instructions in the store!

Subsequent issue

After that, this problem occurred (maybe worth another topic, but it seems to be connected to this issue):

user@cad:~$ snap install freecad
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Run configure hook of "freecad" snap if present (run hook "configure": cannot locate base snap core20: No such file or directory)

This could be fixed by:

user@cad:~$ snap refresh core20 --beta
core20 (beta) 20220614 from Canonical✓ refreshed
user@cad:~$ snap install freecad
freecad 0.20 from FreeCAD (freecad-org) installed

Any idea if this is related to the issue before?

Note: I’m not the user in question, merely the messenger.

Any help is very much appreciated!