Raw-usb, hardware-observe and process-control autoconnection for betaflight-configurator

betaflight-configurator is a GUI app to program FPV drone flight controllers through a USB connection.

For its core functionality it requires to be able to detect attached hardware and to talk to the controller board through a USB-serial connection, which requires raw-usb and hardware-observe connected.

The app is a nw.js (essentially electron) app that tries to adjust some aspects of its own process, for this it also needs the process-control interface connected to not produce lots of log spam.

+1 from me for raw-usb and hardware-observe as these are core functions for this snap.

Regarding process-control I agree the current situation of lots of log spam when various applications try and set their own thread priorities etc is not ideal but I don’t think that granting auto-connect of a more privileged interface like process-control is a great solution either. Ideally snapd would employ seccomp notifications and then be able to implement more complex policy to appropriately handle these sorts of system calls which can’t be easily handled by the current static seccomp policy. So for now -1 from me for auto-connect of process-control.

I am +1 as well for auto-connect raw-usb and hardware-observe since are clearly required for this app to properly operate. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of raw-usb and hardware-observe to betaflight-configurator. This is now live.

Since process-control is a very privileged interface I am also -1 for auto-connect since its need does not seem to be core for this snap to properly operate. 0 votes for, -2 votes against. Not granting auto connect of process-control to betaflight-configurator this time.

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