Raw-usb access not working

Hi, I’m porting my project to run inside Snap, its called SatHelperApp (https://github.com/OpenSatelliteProject/SatHelperApp)

It can use a USB SDR as a source of data, so I added raw-usb interface to it. But after installing it still can’t find any usb device:

Outside the snap it works fine.

Is there any limitation of access using raw-usb? Basically all SDR Drivers in my program uses libusb to communicate with USB devices.



Raw-usb is a protected interface, so you’ll have to run snap connect <name of your snap>:raw-usb to hook it up. As soon as you snap is stable, you can apply for auto-connection of the interface by posting on the forum.


Yeah, but that’s what I did. Look at the bottom part of the screenshot, my app is already connected to the raw-usb interface. :confused:

EDIT: Hmm it looks like its some issue with soapysdr, I just tested Airspy and worked. I will take a look into the code and return if there is any issue with raw-usb.