Ratings, user reviews, or other quality indicators in snap store?

I know there have been a couple of other threads on related topics (Bogus apps in store, Please revoke telegram-latest). I’m wondering more generally where things stand with respect to providing users some sort of indication of the quality of a given snap—for example with respect to upstream.

Apart from developer verification, I feel like some combination of user ratings or reviews, and/or download counts (or some other kind of popularity indicator) would be useful.

I was reminded of this desire after downloading the wireguard-fenriswolf snap, as part of my exploration of whether putting WireGuard in a snap would be feasible. It looks like this is essentially a bogus (experimental?) snap that does not even contain an executable.

It would have been nice to not waste my time installing something which is non-functional. So I feel like it would be nice for users to be able to flag to others, by e.g. leaving a review, whether a certain snap works well or not.


The latest releases of GNOME Software now support ODRS. I’m not sure exactly which release this came, in, but there’s a snap-only version of it (inceptionally) in the snap store. https://snapcraft.io/snap-store

This is what you see when you scroll down on an application which has reviews. I wrote the review below to test the process (but I stand by what I said) :smiley:



Yes that’s the kind of thing I have in mind. Given its integration with the snap store GUI, I take it that ODRS framework could/would be extended to cover all snaps?

It would be great if something like this was also available in the snap store’s web interface - and maybe the command line, though I know that’s a longer shot. FWIW, I actually only use Linux in headless environments, so don’t have access to the proper store GUI.

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@svet I do think that it is genuinely an issue that being a snap developer, you can’t view the reviews and ratings right in the web interface. I primarily am a Windows user and launching a Virtual Machine just for the sake of viewing reviews and ratings is not much convenient. Also, you are not notified of anything of that sort, which is kind of a bummer. Similarly, a CUI could also be a better option in a headless environment, like WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).

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