RaspberryPi serial-port access without Ubuntu Core OS

Hello there.

I have a Raspberry Pi CM3 install based on Debian, and I installed my snap on there. I cannot access the serial-port, (/dev/ttySC0) on the snap app that I run, and how would I go to gain access without --devmode? An OS reinstall to Ubuntu Core is not possible, due to the reason that I need to install minimal packages (snapd and my snap), and probably connect one or more interface, but I don’t have access to /dev/ttySC0.

How would one create such ruleset/access method? I already tried the hotplug feature, but does not help much, as /dev/ttySC0 is not a hotplug device.

Do I need to build a “gadget” snap and install it on there, with no bootloader/disk partition bits?