Raspberry Pi 'userland' Snap?

I’m playing around with building a custom Ubuntu Core image for a Raspberry Pi-based device, to take a project I’m working on from using Raspbian to instead be more robust and scalable with Ubuntu Core.

So far I’ve successfully built a gadget and kernel snap, and created my own image - this all works quite nicely.

One thing that my existing code on Raspbian relies upon is the vcgencmd utility, from the Raspberry Pi “userland” library. So far I haven’t found any reference to using vcgencmd on the Pi with Ubuntu Core - is there some way to include it? Before I go and try to build a snap for it, I thought I’d see if anyone has crossed this bridge already.

while i dont explicitly use vcgencmd in it, here is an example snap that uses a part to include the vc4 userspace:

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Awesome, thanks - I might have a play around with “userland” and see if I could make a snap that brings it all in, possibly even making the vcgencmd and friends available as a content interface for other snaps to use without needing to build themselves.