Raspberry Pi CM3 ttyS0 missing?

Hi everyone.

I compiled a Ubuntu Core 16 image for my Raspberry Pi CM3, along with a custom gadget snap (compiled for legacy snap application I use)
but it seems that the secondary serial port is missing on the Raspberry, I cannot find it.
/dev/ttyAMA0 is available, but I want to use the PL011 uart for a console, and use the other serial device that is supposed to be on the Raspberry.

Dmesg states the pl011 driver, nothing else.
Is there anything I’m missing?

config.txt have the enable_uart=1, core_freq=250 and pi3-disable-bt dtoverlay, nothing works.
I need both UARTs on the CM3, and only have one, presently.

I moved this to the #device category where you may get more folks to see this