Questions regarding classic confinement and interfaces approval/auto-connection

Hi everyone,

My company is building a CLI for our cloud provider (STACKIT) and we are trying to distribute the CLI using the Snap store. The CLI in question is: Install stackit on Linux | Snap Store

We have come across the issue regarding the confinement as we need multiple permissions such as accessing OS password manager, reading and writing from arbitrary files (JSON request payloads, configurations, …), network, etc.

We would like the installation of the CLI to be seamless, meaning any possible interfaces would be auto-connected. Also this process of using interfaces seems a big hassle to test and seems error prone and that it could introduce blockers in the future for new functionality or in case we miss some interface that would also be needed.

I have a few questions I would like to clarify:

  • One of our use cases is that the user can store configurations for the CLI in a JSON config file, and we would be able to indicate a path to his config file. Is there an interface that allows the CLI to take the path to that arbitrary file and read/write to that config file?

  • Is it possible to request auto-connect for all the used interfaces?

  • Obviously our preferred way would be to be granted classic confinement. I have checked the listed categories for which you are currently granting classic confinement and we didn’t find a fit for the STACKIT CLI, but we have also noticed that both the google-cloud-cli and aws-cli have been granted approval and they fall exactly under the same category. Are these requirements/categories 100% strict currently?

I are hoping we can find a streamline solution so we can distribute the STACKIT CLI in the Snap store, thanks a lot in advance!

If it serves of any validation, the google-cloud-sdk and aws-cli are classic.

I am looping in @emitorino and @alexmurray for them to provide counsel on the best way forward.

There is the “public cloud agent” category in the supported list, isn’t your tool exactly that ?

Oh, I misinterpreted the word “agent” there. Perfect then, we will soon make a request for the classic confinement then. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

Apologize for the delay. I see a classic confinement request was created:Classic confinement request for STACKIT CLI - #3 by joaopalet, so let’s continue the discussion there.