QUESTION: New user: How to configure mosquitto.conf?

Hello. I have discovered snapcraft and would like to try it out. I’ve installed mosquitto on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian 10 buster following the instructions here.

However, the claim To install mosquitto, simply use the following command: appears to be a little optimistic. I’ve read the manual entry “Install a snap” and been pleased to discover that Installing a snap is straightforward. But it doesn’t go so far as to tell me how to configure it.

It appears to be ignoring /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf, and I can’t edit /snap/mosquitto/current/mosquitto.conf'as it is a read-only file system. sudo snap get mosquitto informs me that mosquitto has no configuration.

So in snap how do you edit configuration files, in general, and in this particular case?


take a look under /var/snap/mosquitto service snaps usually have their configuration somewhere there …