Question About Snapd!

When is the theme support coming? And what about qt theming on gnome?

As future app will require runtime, will it install automatically or we have to install it manually? In flatpak app install the required runtime automatically.

And what about GL Driver? Does it use the installed drivers or we have to install gl driver for snap also?

And What about Cursor and Files icon? will it also arrive?


Themes are under development by several people. I will let them comment separately on estimates.

Snapd doens’t have the concept of runtimes but instead it has the concepts of base snaps (the root file system in which the app executes) and content snaps (add-ons that can be added to a snap). Base snaps are automatically downloaded and content snaps are not yet but should be. I believe @mvo is working on refactoring and unifying that code now.

Userspace part of opengl support is partially supported for the nvidia proprietary driver. In the future that part will become a snap and won’t have any of the issues it faces today. At that time it will behave largely the same as themes (if your system needs this userspace part of the driver to run an app then snapd will pull it for you).

Cursor and icon themes are probably in same bag as GTK/Qt themes but I won’t comment on it further as I’m not directly involved yet.

Thanks for the answer!! Its look good, soon we will have the app of same size as flatpak!!! That discord take like 500 mb on disk, little pain in ass though!

It doesnt here … the snap is 125MB big …

ogra@styx:~$ sudo snap install discord
[sudo] Passwort für ogra: 
discord 0.0.2 from 'snapcrafters' installed
ogra@styx:~$ df -h |grep discord
/dev/loop1      126M    126M     0  100% /snap/discord/19

(you might be mis-lead by looking at the content of /snap/discord/19 which shows the size of the content of the compressed squashfs, not the actual size of the snap)

Oh, I didn’t know that, Seriously i am so stupid, Sorry!!

Thanks for the info now i will actually stick with snap rather than flatpak ty :smiley:

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