Qucs and asco

Thanks for the qucs-spice.qucs snap. It works very well on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

But the snap is not configured with the optimization engine ASCO. I can get the source of ASCO and build it, then set the path for optimization to start it, but it fails with no access to libm.so.6

I need to get qucs back for a project and need some suggestions. The options may include

  • port qucs to QT5…seem too big a project for a qt virgin like me
  • add libm.so.6 to the snap
  • rebuild ASCO to use libm.so.a, statically linked
  • add an interface to the snap package

Can anyone help with a suggestion?



not sure if the snap developer reads this forum but you could try:

$ snap info qucs-spice|grep contact
contact:   https://github.com/eldarkg/qucs-spice-snap/issues

thanks…but it looks like he’s trying to let qucs die…archived 4 years ago.