QtDbus service cannot be pulled up by snap app, and glibtop permission denied

I wrote a system tool, the graphical program connects system dbus service(registered with Qt) to access system information, but the graphical program cann’t start dbus by using the .service file when the program is started. I try to use plugs and slots in snapcraft.yaml file, but there is no effect. In addition, the app using libgtop2-dev to access file system info. It prompts warning information when running: “glibtop(c=8825): [WARNING] Could not open /etc/mtab: Permission denied”. If I run the executable program from the Debian package, everything is normal.
code: https://github.com/eightplus/system-tool

Normal results of the deb package:

Take a look at https://docs.snapcraft.io/build-snaps/debugging (especially at the last paragraph) …

Abnormal results of the snap package:

Have you tried what @ogra suggested; i.e. using snappy-debug?