Qtcreator-ros classic snap review

I request a review for the classic snap qtcreator-ros. This snap contains Qt Creator with a plugin to build ROS workspaces. Since this IDE needs full access to the host for using the build tools (cmake, ninja, catkin, colcon, …) and development packages (libraries, headers, pkg-config files, …) it has to be published as a classic snap.

I just got review feedback on the dashboard:

“This snap is using ‘classic’ confinement. In order to use classic confinement, please make a request in the forum by following the process outlined in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. Thanks!” — Maria Emilia Torino

@emitorino Isn’t this very request here in the store-requests category what is asked of the publisher (me)? I followed Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps and created this very request and stated why classic confinement is required (it’s an IDE). Is there something missing?

@reviewers I responded to the first rejection comment from @emitorino with a link to where to find this store-requests post but I am still getting a lot of additional “rejection” emails. Can someone please clarify what is going on and let me know what is missing before sending further rejection emails?

Hey @christian,

Apologize for the confusion.

You are correct, this is what’s exactly needed. While reviewing the queue on the store side we don’t have visibility of the already created forum topics so I just provided the usual message we give to publishers without noticing you had already done it yesterday.

Sorry for this, as you probably had more revisions on your review queue blocked by the one I rejected, all those were automatically unblocked (and rejected) with my action and that’s why you got all those emails. You can check this as the status for all those is : “Automatically rejected”.

We have already added this request to the review queue and will process it soon. Thanks for your patience!