Qt5 snap and the missing Appindicator icon

The appindicator is using fallback icon in the Qt5 app, is there any way to solve this?

I’ve added the libappindicator package to stage-packages, but no luck. The icon works properly in KDE.


Recipe: https://github.com/Lin-Buo-Ren/simplescreenrecorder-snap/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml
Tested on Ubuntu 16.04

The icon is probably conveyed via a path in /tmp or another location that is not visible from the main mount namespace. I believe there was a similar issue affecting other software discussed a while ago.

In short: missing snap integration in the framework.

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Thanks for the analysis, I’ll just wait for it to be implemented then.

CC @kenvandine - is this tracked anywhere? Should we file a bug? Is there any work with upstream Qt about this?

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