Qt5 application fails to build on Launchpad

The log is here:


The build has worked so far and I can build locally on 18.10. So what has changed now?

In the log there is:

Failed to get part information: Cannot find the definition for part 'desktop-qt5', required by part 'gnu-heimer'.
Remote parts are not supported with bases, so make sure that this part is defined in the `snapcraft.yaml`.

What does this mean?

Hi @juzzlin, desktop-qt5 in your snapcraft.yaml is a so-called “remote” part. Those are no longer supported in snapcraft due to complexity with regards to different snap bases. The replacement are (much more flexible) extensions, but they’re not ready yet for Qt5.

In the mean time, you can just bring the desktop-qt5 part into your snapcraft.yaml - have a below for an example on how to do it.