QT app and Qt and Kvantum themes

I am trying to snap a PyQt app.
I have it sort of working but my Qt theme (which is actually a Kvantum theme)
is not being applied to my app.

Does anyone know if QT theming is expected to work with snaps?

I am not fully savvy on the theming infrastructure for Qt and KDE so please forgive my lack of preciseness.

Unless you use the new kde extension

$ snapcraft extension kde-neon
The KDE Neon extension.

This extension makes it easy to assemble KDE based applications using the Neon

It configures each application with the following plugs:

- Common Icon Themes.
- Common Sound Themes.
- The Qt5 and KDE Frameworks runtime libraries and utilities.

For easier desktop integration, it also configures each application entry with
these additional plugs:

- desktop (https://snapcraft.io/docs/desktop-interface)
- desktop-legacy (https://snapcraft.io/docs/desktop-legacy-interface)
- gsettings (https://snapcraft.io/docs/gsettings-interface)
- wayland (https://snapcraft.io/docs/wayland-interface)
- x11 (https://snapcraft.io/docs/x11-interface)

Then you will need to provide all styles and themes in your snap. The extension hooks up to the kde-frameworks-5-core18 snap through the content interface, so you get the QtStyle used for Breeze et.al. but you would still need to provide the kvantum QtStyle in your snap and reference it so it is found during run time.

Some work, although not on any critical path, is taking place so that there is a theming platform for KDE (which should cover Qt).

Thanks for your reply.
I’m not in favour of bundling theming in my Snap, it would need to match whatever the user is running on their desktop - the same as if they where running the app outside the whole snappy technology.

I will keep an eye on this maybe the other development you mentioned will in time fix this.