Qmake plugin for core20

Snapcraft 4.0 is coming soon and I read in the release notes that there is no qmake plugin

Will be this plugin present in future versions of snapcraft? or it is deprecated?

I use it for automaton-builder (a tool we use in our organization). Should I use another plugin?


Well, I found this

While the list of plugins is not as broad as for core or core18 , they offer a strong foundation for the majority of snaps, and the list will grow after this initial release.
So, I suppose that it will be ported soon…

Any updates on this? it’s been months since 4.0 release and no QMake plugin in sight!
I’m being held back by this!

In the meantime you could replace:

plugin: qmake


plugin: make
override-build: |
  set -eux
  qmake -set prefix $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL
  snapcraftctl build

And ensure the target.path in your .pro file looks like this:

target.path += $$[prefix]/xxx

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I had a go at porting the plugin here:


So hopefully this can go in for the next release. The artifact zip file at the bottom of the following check run should contain a snapcraft snap you can use to test it: