Q Auto-connect audio-record: updates then?

This is only a question:

My app got “audio-record” auto connected.

Do I then have to request auto connection for “audio-record” again if I later want to update/Upgrade the app ?

Since the auto-connect was enabled the builds results in “Built, failed to release”.

How do I release a new update/upgrade should that be necessary ?

– Eigil

No you don’t have to re-request it - auto-connection is done via a store assertion - in particular a snap declaration assertion and these apply to all revisions of a snap.

Also this shouldn’t cause the snap to fail to release - can you provide more details on what snap this is in reference to and the full error message you see? On a hunch, I took a look at guitarfinetune which was recently granted auto-connect of audio-record but all revisions show as having passed the automated review. So likely something else is causing this failure. If you can provide more details we can help figure out what the issue is.

The release issue has disappeared !(?)

Hey @ekrogh,

Which snap/revision are you referring to? Is it guitarfinetune as @alexmurray mentions? By checking the revision history of guitarfinetune in the store I don’t see any failure. Do you have the email you might have received with the error msg to help us understand what could have happened?