Putting my snaps up for adoption

The whole Covid thing has changed my circumstances in many ways. I have had to disengage from some of my hobbies, like messing about with computers. I have several snaps on the store which have a reasonable number of users, but have been sadly neglected by me over the past 18 months. I can’t foresee the situation improving over the next couple of years, so I’d like to offer them for adoption to interested, motivated and trustworthy packagers.

Please contact me, in thread, about any of these. If we develop a mutual interest in transferring ownership we’ll sort that out. Some of these would be suitable for novice snapcrafters, but others would require packagers with a bit of experience with snaps.

If there are no takers by 11th November 2021, I’ll delist them from the store.

This has about 15,000 users. The snap is in a bit of a state. It bundles gzdoom with the Blade of Agony mod. Recent changes to the gzdoom build process have frustrated my attempts to keep this up to date. For the last release, I actually just compiled gzdoom outside snapcraft and bundled the binary, but that isn’t a sustainable solution. Of note, however, is that the author of the gzdoom snap seems to have cracked this problem. The mod is not freely distributable, so we’d need to get permission from upstream to transfer ownership. Furthermore, the snap needs to update gzdoom and the mod to the current versions and aim to bundle upstream’s new graphical launcher. All of this has been languishing on my “TODO” list for far too long. This one would need an experienced snapcrafter. Iterating on this snap is painful because it is so large and takes a long time to build (or fail to build).
This one is a bit more straightforward. The presentation of the snap needs a bit of updating, as does the snap itself.
This one would be good for a beginner. It bundles dosbox along with a script to download the shareware version of the game from the Internet Archive. There’s an outstanding pull request on my github to bring the version of dosbox up to date.
Similar to the above
This one is fairly popular, as you’d imagine. It bundles quakespasm with a similar download script for quake. It doesn’t need much attention to keep ticking over.
This is one of the snaps I use most often. It isn’t perfect - there’s some work which could be done on fixing theme compatibility etc. It also accesses a very privileged interface so we’d probably need some vetting of the new maintainer before transferring the snap.
This one doesn’t attract too much interest. It could do with a bit of work to track the upstream build/release process.

The remainder of my snaps are trivial and will be delisted.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m not expecting any responses to this, judging by similar threads, but any input is welcome.




As there are no takers, I’m going to attempt to delist these gracefully. I’ll be replacing the binaries with a notification window pointing to this thread. Users who wish to continue accessing the snaps can use the snap revert command to explicitly consent to using unsupported software. Initially this will be rolled out to the edge channel but I will add this to the stable channel on the 11th of November.

In the longer term, if anyone wants to take over the maintenance of these packages, or create their own, please contact me to arrange transfer of the snap names.