Put grafana snap to Snapcrafters


When I’ve done for building the grafana / influxdb snap (for amd64 only) on build.snapcraft.io, I’d like to put them into Snapcrafters. Furthermore, I forked the templated and finished some AIs. However, I know the snap names of both are reserved, so what do I purpose to do the next step? Currently, I only registered grafana snap by naming “woodrow-grafana” and published to edge channel.

The grafana branch for Snapcrafters is here,


I can’t understand the meaning “using the preferred upstream name” as the “grafana” name is reserved…

@popey are you able to transfer ownership or maybe @wimpress if that’s the best course of action here?

You can register grafana, publish a grafana snap and then offer your yaml to upstream so they can own it. When you register the name, store admins can approve the registration. If you already have a snap, I believe store people can rename it.