Pushed gadget snap not reachable

Hello, I’ve just built, registered and pushed to the store a custom gadget snap. However, if I run:

snap info <name_of_the_pushed_gadget_snap>

I get the error: “no snap found for <name_of_the_pushed_gadget_snap>”.

Does anybody know why this is happening? Thank you in advance

Where exactly did you push it to ? Note that gadget uploads to the global store not by canonical employees are usually rejected (you should have email about this)

in case you are using a brand store (where gadget uploads are allowed for the owners), make sure the machine you are checking from is actually pointing to that store …

Thank you for the fast reply. I pushed it to the global store and, indeed, I’ve just noticed that I received an e-mail stating that the gadget snap is undergoing a manual review. Why is it likely for it to be rejected?

This gadget of mine just configures the auto-connection to two interfaces (account-control and network-setup-control) in the gadget.yaml (via the “connection” section) and sets a proxy address. My goal is to automatically configure the network within a custom ubuntu core image, by using the snap (https://github.com/ogra1/config-snap). But, in order to do that, I need a gadget snap

How can I do this?

Well, custom gadget snaps are only permitted in brand stores:


… which is a paid service:

(someone from sales will likely contact you, this is IIRC part of the manual review your gadget triggered)

I see… what is the procedure to configure the auto-connect and the proxy through the global store, instead?

Any idea on how to configure the auto-connect and the proxy through the global store?

I dont think there is a way despite dropping a script into your image through a hack or some such …

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