Publisher change request: mesa-core22, graphics-test-tools

Can we please move the mesa-core22 and graphics-test-tools snaps under the Canonical publisher please?

They’re a part of the new graphics-core22 stack:

Sure, I’ve moved both to Canonical.

graphics-tests-tools has an unset license; could you please set that to the actual value of the licensing terms? We like Canonical snaps to have complete, accurate metadata :slight_smile: Thanks.

  • Daniel

The problem is it’s a mix of licenses in there, how should I represent that in SPDX form?

The license update thingy should support SPDX “expressions” with AND and OR operators :slight_smile: instead of “simple”, select “custom spdx expresion” in the license field thingy and you get a text field where you can enter composite expressions as explained here.

A word of caution - I don’ remember seeing any snap actually using a complex expression, so you might want to test it on a small snap to ensure everything is happy and snapd can install it. Then do the actual change on the definitive snap.

  • Daniel

Chromium has a pretty crazy SPDX expression for reference.