Published Snap Metrics not showing up

Hey Guys,

The metrics for installs and weekly active devices have all become suddenly ZERO for my snap which was published in July 2022.

I wanted to make an internal update report about the snap’s performance thus requiring the metrics.

How can i get the metrics for a previous date?

I have the same problem :frowning:

This happens from time to time, the results should correct themselves automatically (on the order of hours to 1~2 days).

The data isn’t missing on the backend, it’s just not propogated through to the graph properly.

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Could you explain what does this graphic show? I have next graphic:

What do these numbers mean?

It’s the number of unique machines (unique instances of snapd, and not e.g, shared IP addresses; nor multiple users on a single device) that have checked for an update for your snap in the past 7 days. By default, snapd will check 4 times a day, every 6 hours.

If a device goes offline for 7 days or more, it’ll be subtracted from the total. If it comes back online, it would add to the total again. If a snap is uninstalled, it would disappear from the total after a week.


Is there ability to determine how many users uploaded an app on the previous day?