Publish snap with classic confinement

Hi there,
I want to publish some snaps because I think snap and its store are the easiest way to install software on Linux.
I think even its sandboxing model is great but it’s not quite simple to use.
For people that aren’t developers or quite experienced with Linux having to type some obscure command line for enabling plugs and slot just to make software works it’s not the easiest thing to do.
So I wanted to publish some snaps (they are not developed by me but I want to package them because they don’t have a .deb) as classic (so they work without having to use the terminal), but I saw that I can’t do that.
Isn’t there a way to publish snap as classic, or at least is there some work to make interfaces works like Android/Cyanogenmod where they are enabled by default (or a least the majority of them) or when software needs them a popup will appear asking the user to enable them?
I think snaps are great because they simplify the installation process for the user a lot, but for normal people terminal should be avoided…

Many interfaces are enabled by default. For those that aren’t, there is a process for requesting auto-connections. In the nearish future (work is happening as we speak) there will be install prompts and a GUI method for dealing with interface connections.

For more details on classic confinement, why its use requires review and the process for applying for classic confinement, please see: Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

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