Provide descriptions for each track, and risk level

Over time, I can image some snap developers possibly wanting more fine-grained tracks to distribute their software. In fact, I will possibly suggest a new track scheme for a snap I am interested in as Snaps get more important features.

If they are implemented, then developers have what seems like 1 out of 2 options available to them for their naming schemes:

  1. create longer names to describe the track. This is slightly inconvenient to users when installing the snaps, and modifying your current channel.
  2. create unique names. This is slightly inconvenient to users who don’t know what each track is meant for.

Based on these, it seems that creating shorter, but more unique names would be beneficial if users could know what each track meant. The description could be displayed in the open or hidden behind a hover or click.

Along the same lines, the default descriptions of each risk level could be different from Snap to Snap. So it might be beneficial to allow the developer to explain how each risk level maps to their view.

Following the logic, it seems like each branch could also allow for this idea, too; even though it seems to almost never be used.

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