ProtonUp-Qt (to easily install Proton-GE for Steam)

Install and manage Proton-GE installations for Steam with this graphical user interface. Based on AUNaseef’s ProtonUp, made with Python 3 and Qt 6.


Snap apps with strict confinement cannot access hidden files or folders (~/.steam/) in the home directory, so ProtonUp-Qt CANNOT be packaged as a working snap? I gotta once again disturb the snap-master @popey

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The developer is now preparing for a snap package!

He also asked a bit of help too between the lines: “I will take a look at creating a Snap package, if anyone wants to contribute a snapcraft.yaml in the meantime, feel free to do so.”

This is nice :sunny:

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ProtonUp-QT developer: “I’m happy to receive PRs or if anyone would like to maintain a snap package”.

Could there be someone from the snapcrafters to pick this up at some point? Or any conversation on this?