ProtonUp-Qt (to easily install Proton-GE for Steam)

Install and manage Proton-GE installations for Steam with this graphical user interface. Based on AUNaseef’s ProtonUp, made with Python 3 and Qt 6.


Snap apps with strict confinement cannot access hidden files or folders (~/.steam/) in the home directory, so ProtonUp-Qt CANNOT be packaged as a working snap? I gotta once again disturb the snap-master @popey

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The developer is now preparing for a snap package!

He also asked a bit of help too between the lines: “I will take a look at creating a Snap package, if anyone wants to contribute a snapcraft.yaml in the meantime, feel free to do so.”

This is nice :sunny:

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ProtonUp-QT developer: “I’m happy to receive PRs or if anyone would like to maintain a snap package”.

Could there be someone from the snapcrafters to pick this up at some point? Or any conversation on this?

Well they’d be really up for it if there was a snapcrafter to make it: