Proposed tiny fix to tools/

Using the env var values listed in tools/, I get errors when uploading to the staging snapstore:

$  snapcraft staging servers> snapcraft upload jhartley-two_1.4_amd64.snap
craft-store error: Issue encountered while processing your request: [405] Method Not Allowed.

I aim to remove the trailing slash from env var STORE_UPLOAD_URL, which fixes the above. While I’m at it, I’ll remove trailing slashes from all env vars in that script, as requested by @sergiusens on this old unmerged PR.

PR incoming once I’ve read through the contributing guide & cjhecklist…

Branch is here ^ , but I’m getting puzzling errors on make lint. No doubt that’s my fault…

tests/legacy/unit/plugins/v2/ E101 Indentation contains mixed spaces and tabs (x 88)

but perhaps that’s just because I’m using whatever version of ruff, etc, was already installed. I’ll see whether the repo has more specific instructions on setting up a dev env…

Thanks for the PR! I’ve approved the workflow and can follow up with you in PR itself.

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