Prompt users about permissions

I installed ONLYOFFICE snap to test it, and I was not prompted about permissions. There’s nothing in the GNOME Software page saying that it can have full access to /home folder, you can only see this information after you install the snap.


I’m not comfortable with this, the right way should be:

  • You click install
  • A pop-up shows up showing all permissions that the snap will need … or you can click somewhere to check the permissions that it will use
  • The user decides if he/she wants to proceed and install the snap

This is just one example, there are others snaps that I installed with strange permissions, one game for example had a permission to record sounds checked ON by default. This is weird and feels wrong. Here’s how it looks:

By the way the ‘play/record’ permissions were in the same line, they should be on different permission lines, ‘play’ and ‘record’ are totally different things. And why a game that didn’t had any record feature inside it had this record permission checked ON by default is beyond my comprehension.

Another idea is ask for permissions on demand, like Android does with apps. When an app need access XYZ, a pop-up shows up asking if you want to give the permission to access XYZ.

And there’s no link or information explaining how this works for the user, I talked about this a few months ago.

This is my last post about the subject, I’m not that interested, it was just a reminder.

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Same problem with using
snap info --verbose fooBarFooBar
because permissions are not displayed.

Permissions are automatically granted during installation.