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Was wondering if there any ways to promotion programs to advertise snaps on the snapcraft store? It seems this is not an available feature of store. If not available, will this be implemented at some point? Are there other channels to promote snaps?

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These are great questions to kick off a discussion, thanks for asking.

Ok, let’s first talk about the things we do have.

  1. Snaps can be placed in categories, which makes it eaiser for users to discover them. A snap in a “games” category for example will be found when someone is browsing via which is linked from Install Linux apps using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
  2. Developers can promote their snap using Snap Store buttons, GitHub Badges, and Embed-able Cards, as seen on the publicise tab. Here:

  1. The Snap Advocacy (@advocacy) team promote snaps on the snapcraft twitter and facebook pages.
  2. The Snap Advocacy team (and others) often write about interesting snaps which get posted to the snapcraftio blog. These also get shared out over the social media accounts.
  3. The Snap Advocacy team also update the featured applications in the Snap Store. This reflects in the output of snap find, the front page of the Snap Store web UI, the featured category and what you see in the graphical Ubuntu Software (GNOME Software) app in Ubuntu, and the Snap Store elsewhere.

For 1, I’d recommend making sure your application is in the correct / appropriate category, which you can do directly in the store listing page.

For 2, I’d also recommend making sure the ‘download’ page on your website or GitHub (or wherever) repo links to the snapcraft store page, using one of the pre-made badges/buttons/cards. I’d also suggest writing blog posts on your own blog, in your own words, and share an embedded card. Blog posts from developers who have snapped their own thing and written about it will carry more weight than us blogging about it. If you share it on social media and tag the snapcraftio accounts, we will likely re-share it for wider visibility.

For 3-5, we try to only promote applications which have a good description, icon, screenshots, accurate license etc. Martin’s blog post “Make your store page pop” is required reading here :wink:

Hope that helps!

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