Project URL not shown on snap instlal page

If one visits:

…there is no information about the upstream project URL. It would be super useful to include the project link as projects contain a lot more information about the projects and sometimes have their own project bug tracker. I feel a bit upset that my own upstream project is not being referenced as this feels like the installer page only cares about getting the project onto folks machines and neglects the work done in the upstream project.

Hey Colin, great to hear from you! (note different URL) does have a link to the developer’s web site and another to contact the developer (both point to you). That’s the main information page for a snap; the one you linked to is geared toward “how to install this snap” so it stands to reason it’d be a bit simpler and obviate some of the detailed information.

This is a display/front-end issue; could I trouble you, if you feel having that information in the “install” page would be useful, to file an issue here instead?


  • Daniel