Process for changes to snapd reviewed and merged


Just wanted to understand the best way to get PRs for snapd reviewed and merged. I could post here, but I don’t see much evidence of others doing that, and wondered if I’m missing some other way.

My current PR already has one review, but I believe it needs a second, so want to know how best to request it.

Also, some required checks seem to of failed for reasons not related to my change, but I don’t have permissions to re-run them, and wanted to know how best to handle that.


Cheers, Just

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Is this the PR? interfaces/opengl: enable use of nvidia container toolkit CDI config generation by jocado · Pull Request #13847 · snapcore/snapd · GitHub I’ll have a look and will ping other folks to do the same.

It is :+1:

I’ve just responded to your comment, and thank you.

Can I ask generally though, what is the preferred method to ask for review or merge ?

Cheers, Just

Sorry for not getting to it earlier. Unfortunately the PR went under the radar and I’m afraid it won’t make it to 2.63, so the most likely release where this is available is 2.64 (or snapd from edge once it lands).

What you did is correct, simply opening a PR is enough. The problem is that the team isn’t big at all and it can sometimes be a PITA to get a review, but feel free to ping us on the forum, or

No problem, for for helping to get a review now, and for the extra info :+1:

Cheers, Just