Problems with updating the package

I created a snap package, after I decided to check how it will be updated when a new version is released. As a result, the package was updated but the old version was not deleted
How can I make it so that when updating a new project is not created but the files in the old one are updated
Here’s what it looks like

name: qspro
base: core18
summary: A simple Hello World program.
description: |
A simple Hello World program written in Go.
Packaged as a Snap application using Snapcraft.
version: ‘2021.3.0.9’
confinement: strict
plugin: dump

you can not, snap packages are designed in a way that a user can always do snap revert ... for any snap package.

To be able to do this, snapd always keeps the last known good version of your snap on disk … if a new version is installed data is copied forward before making the snap available to the system, so you always have the right data for the right package version in use.

I would like to find out how to make it so that when updating my snap package, it updates the old files on top of the new ones. It’s just that my project is a directory that the user works with, and if I added changes to the configuration files, then these files were updated during the releases, but the files that the user himself added remained