Problems with Flutter build and upload

I’m had many problems with building a flutter app with snapcraft

I installed multipass which was suggested on the flutter snap build page. It was a big mistake.

Problem 1: It is building while inside root when I type the snapcraft command

Problem 2: It is downloading and installing snap flutter and dart into root when I have this installed already by zip.

Problem 3: It ate up all of my space. I was down to zero mb left. I had a friend rescue my machine with Teamviewer before rebooting. Luckily I had it installed. After multipass snap was deleted and this other thing with snapshots removed, I was able to get back 39gb of my 91GB disk.

Still not successful in building. Probably related to no space.

Sorry, an error occurred in Snapcraft: Command ‘[’/snap/bin/review-tools.snap-review’, PosixPath(’/home/bhante/snap/review-tools/common/tipitaka-pali-reader_0.1.0_amd64.snap’), ‘–json’, ‘–allow-classic’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

I cannot pay for internet downloads like this any more and now I give up. ElectronBuilder was a good experience. I have one app available in the snap store with 17 active users. (about 1000 total on all OS’s).

This is just not built for a machine with 91gb ubuntu drive and 8gb of ram and a mobile connection in Myanmar. I give up.

Is there an easier way? I don’t need to test a snap and have multipass whatever that is. I can run a flutter linux desktop build quite easily in debug mode using flutter run… that easy… Something must be better if flutter is supposed to be the next big thing for ubuntu. It is not for developers like me. Sorry… I should not need to download over 3 gb and use 39gb of space in addition to my current development environment just to build a flutter app.