Problems installing a base: core18 snap on bionic


If I install a snap based on core18 onto a bionic VM, I’ve noticed that the plugs don’t get connected to any slots on the system unless the core snap is first installed explicitly. Until the core snap is installed, daemons fail to start because they can’t bind to listen on ports, etc. Easy enough to work around (just install core first, or restart after installing core if you forgot) but it’s kind of tedious for someone who might use my snap.

I’m not really sure how this should be addressed. Maybe cloud images should come with the core snap pre-installed, or maybe snapd should automatically install core if it’d be needed to hook up a core18 snap to the system?

How can this be improved? Or is there something really obvious here that I’ve completely missed that sidesteps this issue?



Still wondering about this… anyone else having this issue?


I think this may be a bug I introduced a while ago.

I will look (EDIT) now (Wednesday).


I have this problem as well, the core18 snap requires the joystick core interface but it is not connectable due to the missing core snap.

IMO snapd should install it as a dependency.


Quick update: I will upgrade this thread to a bug report. I believe I know the problem now. It is related to a similar problem that we just discussed with regards to MAAS snap.