Problem with Store & Builder

I’ve pushed to github some time ago, but Builder front end is just showing ‘Building soon’. I’ve edited my snap listing description, saved it, confirmed it is saved on dev account, but changes are not visible in Store’s front end.

Is overloaded or something?

[EDIT]: Store listing finally updated description, but builder is still saying ‘Building soon’.

The builders are essentially … they share the build process with the normal ubuntu distro builders.

I think currently a pre-release archive rebuild is going on for the 21.10 release, so the builders are rather busy ATM …

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You can check the builders here

As of this post there isn’t a single idle amd64 builder, and the queue is expected to be 2 hours.

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OK, I’ll wait then :slight_smile: , thank you for the link.

Indeed it just started building.

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