Problem with spotify. Flavor select no such file or directory

Good morning people.

I installed spotify with a snap. I am principiant at this.

After install spotify running comando “snap install spotify” i tried running spotify without success.

I search folder where snap store the files and enter folder /snap/spotify/current/bin tried run ./desktop-launch where get the next error “./desktop-launch: line 368: /flavor-select: No such file or directory”.

The file flavor-select exists in the /snap/spotify/current path, but not is a folder.

Wait for your help, thanks! Sorry for my bad english.

Try snap run spotify.

If you just installed snapd then you must log out for the PATH and desktop integration to start to work. Good luck!

Thanks, this solution work for me.

Only one answer more before close thread, where snap stores the bins? Why no stores the bins in /usr/bin?

The executables are under /snap/bin or /var/lib/snapd/snap/bin, depending on the distro you’re running. The proper path is automatically added to your $PATH by a script that the snapd package drops into /etc/profile.d. Can you verify if one of those paths is in your $PATH?

If this is happening right after snapd was installed, then you may need to logout/login again, or start a new login shell (bash -l in the terminal) and try to run spotify from there.