Problem uninstalling Plex

Hi There,

I am trying to uninstall the Plex Media Server I installed on my Ubuntu machine via Snap. I want to uninstall because every time Ubuntu try’s to update Plex it crashes and I have to restart the entire machine.

So I figure, I will try and uninstall the Plex Media Server via the Ubuntu Application Manager (Snap) except every time I try … it crashes.

Then … I look up how to do this via the command line so I run the following command:

sudo snap remove plexmediaserver

That is when I get this error …

Error: cannot perform the following tasks:

- Stop snap "plexmediaserver" services ([is-enabled snap.plexmediaserver.plexmediaserver.service] failed with exit status 1: Failed to get unit file state for snap.plexmediaserver.plexmediaserver.service: Bad message

So I can’t uninstall Plex via the GUI, I can’t uninstall via the command line … what else can I try?

Thanks for all the help.

did you manually remove the service unit for it ?

Sorry, I am very new with Ubuntu and especially the CLI … Was there a step I missed? How do you remove a “Service Unit”

Well, systemctl (the tool that runs in the background to try to stop the service) throws out that “Bad message” error if there is a typo in the service unit or if it is missing.

thus my question if you removed it manually with a CLI command or if you edited it manually (snap service files are generated at install time of a snap and changing them manually or removing them can have unpredictable results, the error above could be such a result :slight_smile: )

Thanks @ogra … Well I can say that explanation was a little above my pay grade :grin:!

All I know is that this Ubuntu install is very fresh. Under a month. From there I installed Plex via Ubuntu Software store (This is where I am assuming Plex got installed as a SNAP).

Everything ran as expected for a few weeks then start crashing. When I tried to update/remove via the GUI I get a really strange error with no error message (see screenshot)

From there I tried to run the CLI command I found to manually remove the snap and I get the error above. From here I am really lost. I have no idea what to do so I can remove Plex from my system and start over.