Problem to install Telegram

Hi, guys!

I’m having a problem trying to install the telegram-desktop package.

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure prerequisites for “telegram-desktop” are available (cannot install snap base “core22”: snap “core22” assumes unsupported features: snapd2.55.5 (try to refresh snapd))

Does anybody know how to solve this?


Your version of snapd is out of date. If your distro doesn’t support snapd automatically updating itself, then you need to update it via your distro’s package manager; or encourage your distro’s maintainers to update their packaged version of snapd so that you can do so. Otherwise, either wait for snapd to automatically refresh itself to a newer version, or manually run sudo snap refresh snapd.

Are you on Fedora by any chance? I am having the same problem and the person who usually packages the latest snapd version for Fedora has left Canonical recently. Ended up installing the Flatpak version.

Yes, it’s Fedora. I also took it via flatpak, but for me it’s not ideal.

I use Fedora. The current version is the latest available in the official repository. Apparently it will be the way to wait for an update.

Try these commands might help

“sudo snap install core snapd”

“snap refresh core”

“snap install snapd” if its not already installed

“sudo snap install telegram-desktop”

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