Problem Installing snapd

I am using Linux Mint (Debian Edition) 2, 64-bit. I would like to install the Snap version of Skype.

According to the instructions, I should first run “sudo apt install snapd”. But I get the error “Unable to locate package snapd”.

Any idea what I need to do to solve this issue?

Unless that Mint version is particularly old, the OS should already have snap shipped by default.

Can you run snap --version and write here what you get, if anything? Also, if this command returns nothing, please paste here the output of less /etc/os-release. This should return what Ubuntu version your system is running.

I am using Linux Mint Debian Edition 2. I am not using the other Linux Mint which has Ubuntu as the software source base.

The out put of “snap --version” is “snap: command not found”.

The output of “less /etc/os-release” is:
NAME=“Linux Mint LMDE”


I never used Mint but if it is using apt, then it has to be able to find snapd unless I’m missing something. Have you confirmed you have the options ticked to accept software from given ppas?

I don’t know where these are in Mint but in Ubuntu it’s under Software Sources in the Software & Updates settings menu.

I recently noticed some colleagues were having issues installing software in a container right after installing because they weren’t updating first. This is a long shot but if that’s a brand new installation, updating first is always important. Nevertheless, sudo apt update can return important errors. Can you ensure this command gives no errors?

Sorry if these sound very basic but I don’t know how well accustomed to Linux you are so I have to try everything :slight_smile:

Here’s what the folks in the Linux Mint forum have to say:

well - - LMDE doesn’t support PPAs . .
so, you can’t install those,
and the program snapd is not in Package Manager AKA synaptic.

So, I guess I won’t be able to install the Snapcraft version of Skype with Linux Mint Debian Edition… Thanks for your help, though.

I was able to install Skype on a PC that runs Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian. The only OS where the microphone works is in Ubuntu. I am creating a separate topic for that in the hope that somebody can help me out.

Well, what release is LMDE based on ?

snapd is surely in the stretch (stable), buster (testing) and sid (unstable) debian archives, according to the debian package search:

synaptic should definitely show it if LMDE is based on one of these releases.

(also note that there are no PPAs required to use snapd it is in the official repositories of debian (and a bunch of other distributions))

I am told that LMDE 2 is based on Debian Jessie (“Stable”).

aha, well, this is it then, jessie is definitely too old (it had its initial release in 2015, snapd was only ported to other distros starting in early 2016)

For what it’s worth, Debian 8 (Jessie) hasn’t been Stable since June 2017 when Debian 9 (stretch) superseded it. Jessie is “oldstable”, meaning it’s only getting security updates, and will stop getting even those in 3 months’ time, when it’ll’ve been oldstable for a whole year.