Private unicode not allowed

I got the following error
The store was unable to accept this snap.

  • all: description: Control/private unicode characters are not allowed.

My project is here
It is multi language with different scripts.

Can you share a link to the snapcraft.yaml on github or via attaching a file or some other way that doesn’t corrupt the source so we can see what the private unicode characters you have in your yaml are (I presume either your browser or the forum or my browser, etc. may corrupt or otherwise filter out these characters).

I found the error… In my package.json description i had “this is some text.\r” The dot\r was special. I put a space and it was fine. Should be useful for others. Now uploaded… very easy.

Great, glad you found the error. Out of curiosity, what version of snapcraft did you build it with and were you using a base: in your snapcraft.yaml? If so then it seems we may be missing checks inside snapd for this if the snap made it all the way to the store before failing

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Sorry to resurrect this thread but I’ve run into the same issue and I’m not seeing where the problem actually is.

Here’s my repo for reference: isn’t providing any info, I didn’t know what the problem was until I built the snap locally and attempted to upload it.

Any ideas?

There’s a tab character at the end of your first line in the description. Also you’re using cr/lf pairs instead of lf only (i.e. your description is Windows standard new lines, not linux/unix standard). Neither of those should be an issue, but maybe one of them is? If one of those is the issue then that error message is really wrong, because neither cr nor tab are private unicode characters. I don’t see any other characters that might be causing issue…


Well, as usual, you found the problem! Thanks (again) for the assist!

I was using electron-builder.
I did not use snapcraft.