Private snap store


Is it possible to create a private snap store for internal use? I’m trying to understand whether it will be possible to use snap in networks not connected to internet.


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you can have a private “leaf store” for your organization … this will be a dedicated partition of the store completely private and controllable by your organization (we call them brand stores):

for this store you can define a local proxy store that you run in-house… there is currently work going on to actually use such a proxy store completely off the net (you’d still need to manage the packages in the central store since all security and signing mechanisms for snaps are centralized there) that you can then feed with signed and validated snaps from your partition of the central store via i.e. a USB stick or a manual pull command through a temporary network connection.

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What about enterprises that can’t push their packages to a public (Read as: Hosted outside of our firewalled infrastructure) repo? We can’t use a proxy because my company doesn’t want their IP hosted on servers for which they can’t guarantee security. It appears as though there’s no solution to this problem yet. Am I wrong or missing something?



Extending the proxy to allow for on-prem local snap publishing is in our roadmap but not something we can support currently. The only way to do that currently would be to host the snaps by other means and side-load them with snap install <snap> --dangerous.

Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it. Do you, by chance, know how far down on your roadmap that feature is?

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Is there a roadmap in the meantime for above topic?
Many thanks

Still in our backlog, but not yet scheduled.

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Any news/plans/ETA?


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