Private snap store listing won't disappear

~2 weeks ago, I’d made the snap runescape private; it correctly no longer shows in the Snap Store (app) or Snapcraft website search, but can still be found by people who know its name at

I’ve tried temporarily making it public again and privatising it again, but this doesn’t seem to budge it.

The install pages per distro seem to 404 as expected, but not the main page itself.

Could this please be looked at. I’ve seen it happen before on occasion, but after 2 weeks it no longer feels like a caching issue but just broken state somewhere.

This is a caching issue. Compare:

let’s tag @Lukewh to see if he can help figure out which cache is stuck :slight_smile:

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Peculiar: The header seems to think the page is stale, so it’s confusing why it isn’t refreshing

x-cache-status: STALE from content-cache-il3/2 I’ll look into it

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I’ve just noticed this seems to be the same case with - incase it’s any help having more datapoints.

Hi @James-Carroll,

All private snaps should now be correctly 404ing. Unfortunately, we cache aggressively, which sometimes doesn’t correctly clear when the visibility of a snap is updated.

Please let me know if you see any other cases like this :slight_smile:

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Hi Luke,

Could you please take a look at the runescape listing again? I’d temporary swapped it to “unlisted” to deploy one final update encouraging users to remove the snap and migrate to another supported option; then I’d set it back to" private" after a week. Same as before, it’s been a few days and the HTTP response shows the cache as stale, but the main listing won’t 404.

This should be the last time I touch that specific snap and I wouldn’t expect to swap its visibility again in the future, but it would seem like problem in general likely has returned.

Edit: It’s been about 10 days now but the listing has disappeared again!