Private snap store for commercial IoT use


I just got started with snapcraft and Ubuntu Core and I am trying things out to see if it can be used commercially for the company I work at. From what I read, snapcraft + Ubuntu Core perfectly fit the use case of my company, i.e. remote devices that collect data and collecting that data. I have seen how to register, create and publish a snap (succesfully), however I would like our snaps to be private (in a brand store) since they use/contain information from paid documents (standards).

Now, I have searched through the documentation of snapcraft and Ubuntu Core, but the only source I can find about brand stores did not provide any useful information (or am I missinterpreting it?). It suggest to make an umbrella account, register snaps and add collaborators, however how does this represent a private store? Is that umbrella account then the brand store? Moreover, I have tried to contact Ubuntu for this matter but have not had any response in a week.

I would have thought that it is as simple as clicking a button and registering a brand name etc. (or even have some payment option).

Any help, information or guidance is highly appreciated!

a brand store requires a dedicated setup on the canonical side and is a commercial option, see:

the smart start package is the entry point offer here …

Thanks for the answer. I guess I will have to drop Ubuntu Core, as I find 45k to be quite rediculous for such service :slight_smile: